SHABBOS  10:00 AM – End of BDG Minyan

The Mini-Minyan is a Davening and quiet play program that takes place in a section of the small tent. This program has 2 Morahs that Daven with the children, read stories to them, and offer guided play options from toys to interactive games.

This program is designed for children 3-6 years old that are fully toilet trained and capable of participating in the program and following instructions from the staff. 

Younger children are welcome to be in the program if they are accompanied by an adult that remains by their side for the duration of their stay in the Mini-Minyan. 

The Mini-Minyan this is not designed to be a babysitting service. It is an educational program that offers a safe space for children that are old enough to come to shul, but not yet old enough to sit in a formal Minyan.



The Ezras Noshim/Anoshim program is a youth-oriented minyan that offers a blend of Davening, Leining, Singing, Stories, and more within the structure of a proper Minyan.

B”H we are lucky enough to have Rabbi Noach Evers as the leader of this Minyan. Rabbi Evers infuses this program with excitement and Toichen, engaging the members will be engaged as they learn and grow in their Davening proficiency.

With weekly raffles, opportunities to earn points for special events, as well as regular contests and raffles for special opportunities such as a day at a theme park, fun experiences, and more.

This program is designed for children ready to Daven with a Minyan and will engage these children in the workings of a real Shul, with rotating opportunities to be the Junior Chazzan, Junior Rabbi, and more.


The Dugma Chaya division makes up the core of our minyan, with adults only taking part as needed.

The Dugma Chaya boys and girls help the younger attendees with their davening, serving as an example for how to act during the tefilos.

The Bochurim will alsomake up the core of the Minyan, Leining the Parsha, Chazzan, Gabbai, and so on.

We have even had elections for shul President, Vice-President, and Gabbai. The elected officials will help plan events and rewards, enjoy special benefits, and ensure that the Dugma Chaya division truly serve as an example for the younger children. 

With monthly raffles, farbrengens, trips, and special opportunities, like a raffle to visit the Rebbe, the Dugma Chaya division is training our young men in their journey in life.

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