The Mini-Minyan is a unique blend of prayer and play, hosted in a designated section of the tent outside the main-minyan. Caring Morahs lead the children in prayer, share captivating stories, and offer a range of guided play activities, from toys to interactive games.

This program is tailored for children aged 3-6 who are fully toilet trained and capable of actively participating and following staff instructions.

If you have younger children, they are welcome to join, but they must be accompanied by an adult who will stay with them throughout their time in the Mini-Minyan.

Please note that the Mini-Minyan is not a babysitting service; it’s an educational program designed to provide a safe space for children who are old enough to come to shul but not yet ready for a formal minyan experience. 

Join us for a nurturing and educational experience!


The Ezras Noshim and Ezras Anoshim program is a dynamic youth-oriented minyan that combines prayer, Torah reading, singing, storytelling, and more, all while maintaining the structure of a proper minyan.

We are incredibly fortunate to have Rabbi Noach Evers leading this minyan. Rabbi Evers brings enthusiasm and depth, ensuring that our members not only participate but also learn and improve their prayer skills.

In addition to spiritual growth, we offer exciting incentives such as weekly raffles, special events, contests, prize stores, trips, and other fun experiences.

This program is designed for children ready to join a minyan and become part of a real shul. They will have the chance to take on roles like Junior Chazzan, Junior Rabbi, and more as they engage with the workings of our community. Get ready for an exciting journey of spiritual growth and fun!

The Dugma Chaya divisions are the heart of our minyan, with adults joining in when necessary.

These young boys and girls in the DC division set an inspiring example during tefilos, working as an example of how to daven in a shul.

Our dedicated Bochurim are the backbone of the Minyan, taking on roles like Baal Koreh, Chazzan, and Gabbai.

We hold elections for positions like shul President, Vice President, Chief Communication Officer, and Gabbai. These elected leaders help organize events, offer special perks, and ensure that the Dugma Chaya divisions serve as role models for our younger members.

Through monthly raffles, the Chassidus Club, farbrengens, trips, and exclusive opportunities, Dugma Chaya is shaping our youth for their journey through life, creating leaders that care. 

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