The Mini-Minyan will be a Davening and quiet play area that will take place in a section of the small tent. This program will have 2 staff members that will daven with the children, read them stories, and offer guided play options that will include games and toys.

This program is designed for children 4-6 years old, that are toilet trained. Younger children are welcome when accompanied by an adult that will remain with them for the duration of their stay
in the Mini-Minyan. To be clear, this is not designed to be a babysitting service. It is designed to offer a safe space for children that are old enough to come to shul, but not old enough to sit in a formal minyan yet.

The Ezras Noshim/Anoshim program is a youth-oriented minyan that will offer a blend of Davening, Leining, Singing, Stories, Divrei Torah, and more, all within the structure of a proper minyan.

B”H we are lucky enough to have Rabbi Noach Evers as the leader of this minyan. Rabbi Evers will be infusing this program with excitement and Toichen so that the members will be entertained and will learn and grow in their Davening.

There will be weekly raffles, opportunities to earn points for special events, as well as regular contests and raffles for special opportunities such as a day at a theme park, a trip to Crown Heights/the Ohel, and more.

This program is for children that are ready to daven with a minyan and will engage them in the workings of a shul, with rotating opportunities to be the Junior Chazzan, Junior Rabbi, and more.

The Dugma Chayos division will make up the core of our minyan, with adults only being part of the minyan to make up the 10 men where needed, and to offer services such as Baal Koreh, etc.

Shabbos morning, there will be a special Hot Cocoa Club for the Dugma Chayos 30 minutes before Shacharis. There will be a shiur Chassidus, lively discussions, and insights into living life as a true Chossid. We will also, IY”H, have farbrengens throughout the year for the boys in this division.

During the minyan, the Dugma Chayos will be asked to help lein, even if it is just one Aliyah, be the Chazzan, etc. There will also be an election held each year, where the 7th -8 th grade boys will be able to run for shul President, Vice-President, and Gabbai. The elected officials will help plan events throughout the year, will have a designated seat at the front of the shul, and will help the younger children see how a Chayal is expected to conduct themselves during Tefillos.


Our shul is a program that is designed to engage your child in Tefillah. Rather than create a program that is added on to the existing Chabad of Walnut Creek Minyan, and will have to adapt to the Minyan structure, Our Shul will give the children their own space to daven, with a full minyan & Kriah etc, where they can learn to appreciate davening, and the structure of a shul, in
their own environment.

In order to best facilitate the growth of our children, Our Shul will initially be made up of 4 divisions.

Mini-Minyan – Boys and Girls Ages 4-6 (Must be fully toilet trained)
Ezras Anoshim – Boys 1st -6th Grade
Ezras Noshim – Girls 1st -6 th Grade
Dugma Chayos – Boys 7th -8th Grade

We hope to expand Our Shul to include programs for all of our children, but these are the programs that we will be launching with.

The board of advisors is made up of a few concerned parents that wanted to create a program that would be a benefit to the shul, and more importantly, to their children’s chinuch.
Currently, the board members consist of:
Rabbi Korf, Mendy Bergovoy, Shmuli Bortunk, Zalman Kagan, Shmuel Rudski & Eli Spalter.
The role of the board is to oversee the budget for the program, address any concerns that are brought up by the program counselors/Rabbi Evers, address any concerns of Parents and Our Shul Members, and to plan events and programs throughout the year.

Our Shul is an independent program, under the guidance of Chabad of Walnut Creek, but is run as a separate minyan. Children that do not wish to participate are welcome to sit with their parents in the main shul (space permitting), as they have always been.

With that in mind, in order to ensure the success of these programs, only children that are participating will be allowed into the areas in the back of the shul. This will enable the participants to engage without interruptions and distractions.

We understand how important it is to bring children to shul as part of chinuch, and our goal is to help facilitate that in the best way possible.

The budget for the Shabbos programs discussed above is currently estimated to be $250-$275. This includes; payment for Rabbi Evers, payment for the counselors, food/snacks, & prizes.

To properly ascertain the exact amount, we need to better understand how many children will be participating. As such, there will be a one time $18 registration fee per child. Registration comes with a siddur, and a t-shirt/Yarmulke for each member, helping them to truly feel a part of
the shul. 

Once we have registered the children, and can work out how much the program will cost each week, there will be a monthly fee for each family participating.

Our initial estimates have this fee as:
Family with 1 Member: $25
Family with 2 Members: $35
Family with 3+ Members: $40

Of course, we will always welcome sponsorships. And the fees will adjust based upon donations etc.

As the board is volunteering their time, we ask that you do not call the board members directly with any questions or concerns. Instead, please email us at Youth@chabadwalnutcreek.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
There are many sponsorship opportunities available, so please feel free to email us more information in that regard as well.

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