Exploding Kittens Game


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Dive into the chaotic world of Exploding Kittens with the Recipes for Disaster expansion pack! 🐱💥

This expansion pack adds a hilarious twist to your Exploding Kittens game, introducing new cards that will leave you laughing and strategizing like never before. With cards like “Taco Cat,” “Beard Cat,” and “Potato Cat,” you’ll encounter all sorts of zany scenarios as you try to avoid exploding!

It includes a curated deck of 121 of our favorite cards from Exploding Kittens and all of its expansions plus a new rendition of the beloved Cone of Shame.
Use the deck to assemble the 13 included Recipe Booklets and unlock new game modes like a version of the game with ONLY Imploding Kittens or a quick 2-minute lightning game.

Navigate through ridiculous situations, unleash wild actions, and outsmart your opponents with clever tactics. From swapping hands to skipping turns, the Recipes for Disaster expansion pack will keep you on your toes and bring even more excitement to your Exploding Kittens game nights.

So gather your friends, shuffle the deck, and get ready for a blast of chaotic fun with the Recipes for Disaster expansion pack for Exploding Kittens! Available now at The Shuk. 🌮🐱💥

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