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Introducing the HEXBUG JUNKBOTS Rev’s Hideout, the ultimate playset for constructing and customizing your own robotic battleground! Available now at The Shuk, this action-packed playset lets you unleash your creativity and engage in thrilling robot battles.

Enter the world of HEXBUG JUNKBOTS and build your own robotic hideout with the Rev’s Hideout playset. Constructed from durable and customizable pieces, this playset allows you to create endless combinations of ramps, platforms, and obstacles to challenge your JUNKBOTS to epic battles.

Prepare for action as you customize your JUNKBOTS with included mix and match pieces, armor, and weaponry. With their motorized movement and battle-ready designs, these JUNKBOTS are ready to rev up and take on any opponent in the arena.

Engage in exciting robot battles as you launch your JUNKBOTS into action and watch them battle it out in the Rev’s Hideout arena. With multiple levels, ramps, and obstacles, this playset offers endless opportunities for dynamic and thrilling battles.

Perfect for solo play or challenging friends to epic robot showdowns, the HEXBUG JUNKBOTS Rev’s Hideout playset provides hours of entertainment and excitement for robot enthusiasts of all ages. Don’t miss your chance to own the HEXBUG JUNKBOTS Rev’s Hideout from The Shuk and create your own robotic battleground today! 🤖🏟️

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