BDG Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for volunteering to help BDG serve the children and families of our community! Please indicate which areas you would be interested in volunteering to ensure the success of BDG!

Volunteer Opportunities - Mesibas Shabbos
Volunteer Opportunities - Mother Daughter Events
Yom Tov/Special Event Coordinator
Volunteer Opportunities for Teens

Future Plans

BDG has many more plans for the future, and we hope to continue to serve the children of our community for many years to come.

As a 100% volunteer organization, with unpaid volunteers planning, running, and fundraising for our many programs, we need to bring on more volunteers to take on roles as we continue to expand our programming each year.

Future plans for BDG program expansion include:
- An after-school homework house with Tutoring available
- Chesed club
- and so much more!
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