BDG is a shul that is designed to engage your child in Tefillah.

Rather than create a program that is added on to the existing Chabad of Walnut Creek Minyan, and having to adapt to the Minyan structure, BDG gives children their own space to Daven, with a full Minyan & Kriah etc, where they can learn to appreciate Davening and the structure of a Shul, in their own environment.

In order to best facilitate the growth of our children, Our Shul is made up of 4 divisions.

Mini-Minyan – Boys and Girls Ages 3-6 (Must be fully toilet trained, and able to follow instructions)
Ezras Anoshim – Boys 1st -6th Grade
Ezras Noshim – Girls 1st -6th Grade
Dugma Chayos – Boys 7th -8th Grade

We hope to expand BDG to include programs for all of our children, but these are the current programs that we offer.

The board of advisors was created by concerned parents that wanted to create a program that would be a benefit the Shul, and more importantly, their children’s chinuch.

The BDG Founders: Rabbi Zalman Korf, Mendel Bergovoy, Shmuli Bortunk, Zalman Kagan, & Eli Spalter.

Currently there are 2 separate BDG Boards.
BDG Boys & Dugma Chaya Divisions: Noach Evers, Shmully Rudski, & Eli Spalter 

BDG Girls & Mini Minyan Divisions: Devorah Leah Evers & Faye Sossonko 

The role of the board is to oversee the budget, address concerns brought up by program counselors/Parents/BDG Members, and plan events/programs throughout the year.

Bais Dovid is an independent program, operated under the advisement of Chabad of Walnut Creek but is run as a separate entity and Minyan. Children that do not wish to participate are welcome to sit with their parents in the main shul (space permitting), as per the guidelines established by Rabbi Korf for Chabad of Walnut Creek. This ensures that the children are safe for the duration of their visit to the Walnut Creek campus.

In order to ensure the success of these programs and the main Shul, the tents are reserved for the children that are participating in BDG programming. All other children will be asked to join their parents in the Walnut Creek Chabad Minyan. This will enable the participants to engage without interruptions and distractions.

We understand how important it is to bring children to Shul as part of Chinuch, and our goal is to help facilitate that in the best way possible through the BDG programming.

The weekly budget for BDG programming is currently $500-$650 a week. This costs includes; payment for Rabbi Evers and the counselors, food/snacks, prizes, as well as the special programs and Dugma Chaya incentives.

BDG membership is included in the Walnut Creek Chabad membership fee.

Membership fees do not cover the entirety of the BDG programming, which is why sponsorships and donations will always be welcomed. In the event that we receive donations that exceed what we need to run BDG, the fees will be adjusted accordingly.


There are weekly/monthly/annual sponsorships available on our donations page, as well as opportunities to dedicate Seforim and necessary equipment to the Shul.

Sponsoring BDG programming means that all the tefilos and learning that takes place under BDG will be in your zechus. The power of the tefillos of children is well known, so whether you are looking to support BDG for a week, a month, or a year, the benefits of the Tefilos these children say will surely be a huge benefit to you and your loved ones.

Annual Sponsors allow you to dedicate an entire year’s worth of programming, and will see your dedication added to the logos for everything that is produced that year! 

Check out all the opportunities on our DONATIONS PAGE

As the board is volunteering their time, we ask that you do not call the board members with any questions or concerns, although you are welcome to approach us in Shul outside of the program hours. 

To best facilitate your requests, please email us at Youth@BDGKids.com, or Whatsapp us on our official BDG Whatsapp account (954) 667-3834 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Bais Dovid was established in the honor and memory of Mr. David Wilkes, דוד בן יוסף הלוי א”ה.

David and his wife Kimberley, יעל עדן בת אליהו אריה א”ה, were not only part of the founders of Chabad of Walnut Creek, but they were also avid supporters and cheerleaders of all of the programs and people in Walnut creek in every way possible.

The Walnut Creek Community owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to David and Kim. We are proud and honored to carry on his name, keeping his memory and legacy alive in the Walnut Creek community.

We know that children are the guarantors of the Torah, so we can think of no better guarantors for keeping David’s legacy alive than the children of his community.

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